Grizzly Distance Sled

The Grizzly

  • The Grizzly Distance Sled is a popular sled used in races from 100 miles to 1000 miles.
  • The Grizzly is named after one of the biggest, strongest, & most powerful animals in Alaska, the grizzly bear.
  • This sled has 5/16” rod end ball joints installed, which is more heavy duty than the ¼” hardware on the smaller sleds. This sled also has a lightweight fabric floor installed. With this combo you have a durable & flexible sled.
  • The Grizzly has the SDS Distance Brake. This brake is all stainless steel and has the wider footprint. It’s also longer to keep it out of the deep snow when breaking trail. A grizzly has big claws that makes it in control, just like the sled that has 2 sets of 2 carbide snow-machine studs that are easy to change, if you would ever need to.

The Taildragger

  • Our Taildragger is the sit-down option for the back of our sleds. It includes a cooler to sit on and a bag behind the cooler to store gear.
  • It can be removed easily with 4 pins to drop it at a checkpoint or for different training runs
  • The Taildragger is an additional $450
  • The Taildragger weighs 12 lbs. including the cooler
  • We also have an insulated cooler bag that has a layer of lightweight insulation all around. It also has 2” of foam on the cover and is a fan favorite option to have. The cooler bag is an additional $150.


  • Contact us for shipping info. If in Alaska off the road system, we can drop the sled off at the air cargo of your choice.

Sled Prices

  • The price is $3800 & includes the sled, a sled bag, a drag mat & 1 set of Matrax aluminum runners.
  • Shipping is added on once we get a quote.
  • Additional pockets & sled bag options are extra.
  • Taildragger is $450 extra
  • Insulated cooler bag is $150 extra
Grizzly Details
Base price$3,800
Sled weight with MatraxTBA
Frame material6061 T-6 AL
Bed width21.25″
Bed length55″ (4′ 7″)
Usable bed area1111
Back of sled bag height24″
Front of sled bag height6″
Aviation ball joint size5/16″
Stock brake type2020 Distance
Handlebar bag IncludedYes
Bridle materialStainless Steel
Support cable materialStainless Steel
Stock steering each direction15 degrees
Lightweight floor installedYes
Stock vented sled bagOptional
8′ Aluminum Matrax runnersYes