AK-2 Sprint Sled

  • The AK-2 is our sprint sled that is based off the original & popular K-2 sprint sled. We made some changes to the K-2 and after we moved to Alaska, we figured the AK-2 name was fitting.
  • The AK-2 has a sled bag that wraps around the front of the sled.
  • The AK-2 also has the new 1/4” rod end ball joints. These ball joints are much stronger than the old-style ball joints. They also make for a smoother steering sled. These ball joints are widely used throughout the aviation industry.
  • The AK-2 has been used for sprint and open racing from 1 dog to 20 dogs. Its used by both beginners & professionals.

The SDS Tru-Skis

  • We build the Tru-Ski Race Skis all in house. These skis are for competitive racing on nice snow packed trails.
  • The skis have an oak board as a base that has a layer of carbon fiber & two layers of fiberglass on the top & bottom of the oak base. On the outside there is Durasurf Plastic on all 4 sides. This plastic is wax-able and not removable in the field.
  • These skis can be resurfaced at our shop in Willow, AK. For $100 a set we can replace the plastic and bottom layers of fiberglass & carbon fiber and turn the wax-able surface new again.

Matrax Lightweight Aluminum Runners

  • These runners are the standard runners found throughout the mushing world.
  • With these you can change plastic out with 1 pin in each runner and can install many types of plastic for all conditions.
  • We recommend the Matrax runners for training or racing if there’s known rough trail with dirt, rocks, etc.


  • This sled can be folded up quickly by removing 6 runner pins. We can ship the sled & runners through the US mail. If in Alaska off the road system, we can drop the sled off at the air cargo of your choice.

Sled Prices

  • The price is $2250 & includes the sled, a sled bag, & 1 set of either Tru-Skis or Matrax aluminum runners.
  • Additional sets of runners or skis are $450 a set.
  • Shipping is added on once we get a quote.
  • We also have a travel bag for the sled, which is an additional $175
AK-2 Details 
Base price$2,250
Sled weight with Tru-Skis (6lbs)TBA
Sled weight with Matrax (8 lbs)TBA
Frame material6061 T-6 AL
Useable bed width17.5″
Bed length48″
Usable bed area560 sq.in
Back of sled bag height20.5″
Front of sled bag height0″
Aviation ball joint size1/4″
Stock brake type2020 Sprint
Bridle materialStainless Steel
Support cable materialStainless Steel
Stock steering each direction30 degrees
Stock vented sled bagYes
8′ Aluminum Matrax runners compatibleYes
SDS Tru-Skis 2020 compatibleYes