Made in Willow Alaska

Text Box: Grizzly sled

The Grizzly model is a awesome sled for Distance Racing/Mid-Distance or Stage Racing. This picture is shown with the optional Tail-Dragger.


Product Summary

Price: $3800

The Grizzly Distance Sled is made from aircraft aluminum with powder-coated frames. The frame design increases flexibility of the front of the sled making for a smooth ride. This sled can handle bumps, holes, washboard and ruts with ease while maintaining its reputation for being the best cornering sled made. The brake is made with a precision formed stainless with a dual-claw points. Our bridal is coated stainless steel cable and has an adjustable locating system. The Grizzly has a 54 bed length and 21 width. It contains a sturdy aluminum floor and heavy duty brushbow bumper. This sled comes with QCR Matrax Runners, drag mat and a sled bag in a wide variety of colors.

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